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Home Yoga Routine for Beginners

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Are you new to yoga and looking to start a home yoga routine? During this blog we’ll explore some of the tools I’ve developed for beginners to successfully set up a yoga practice at home.

What are the Benefits of Practicing Yoga Online at Home?

home yoga routine for beginners

Practicing yoga, breathing, and mindfulness online allows you to practice in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits your schedule. Taking away barriers like not finding enough time in your day to join classes or not being close enough to travel to a yoga studio.

If you're practicing yoga you just need a mat and space in your house to put the mat. While for seated breathing techniques, pranayama and mindfulness you’ll want to use an upright chair or cushion.

Setting aside a regular day and time for practice can be very helpful when you're beginning online practice at home to create a regular routine. If you can find a time when you won't be disturbed by friends, family and pets.

Learn more about practicing yoga at home.

Three Tips to Build a Home Yoga Routine

The below tips and tools will ensure as a beginner you set yourself up for success with your home yoga routine.

(1) Guide to Start a Home Yoga Practice

Are you wanting to get started with your own home yoga, breathing, and mindfulness practice but not sure where to begin? In this video and the below guide Irene shares three simple steps to set up and maintain a consistent home yoga practice.

home yoga practice sequence

Irene's free yoga home practice guide is a great place to start to practice yoga consistently at home.

The guide includes three simple steps to start practicing yoga consistently. As well as advice on setting an intention to help reach your goals for doing yoga.

This yoga at home guide also provides support on planning your practice routine, and choosing what to practice. Seven short yoga sequences are included with cheat sheets and guided videos.

And finally a practice diary to track your home yoga practice and help you create a new habit of integrating yoga into your daily routine.

Download Your Free Guide with Simple Steps and Sequences to Start Your Home Yoga Practice

To accompany the yoga sequences in the above guide, Irene has created a seven days of yoga challenge with free guided videos on her Antara Yoga YouTube channel.

(2) Blog and Video on Building Your Yoga Practice at Home

You could also get some inspiration from Irene's blog and video that focuses on building your yoga practice at home.

Here Irene talk's about the importance of making a commitment to practice regularly. How it can be useful to start slow using set sequences of yoga poses when you aren't sure what to practice. This will help you have a well-rounded practice.

Irene also talks about the importance of body awareness. And how some knowledge of alignment will help guide you in finding the right way for your body to move into different poses.

(3) Have Your Personal Yoga Practice Sequence Tailored to Your Needs and Goals with Private Yoga Classes

If you have a specific need or goal in mind to reach with your yoga practice, private yoga classes can be helpful. If you don't have the budget for regular private classes, there is still a lot you can get out of just one or two sessions!

Irene provides a detailed personalised practice sheet for all her private students. It looks similar to the one you can find in our free yoga home practice workbook. And includes the names, pictures and sequence that was developed for you and your needs in your private class.

Learn more about the benefits of online private classes that focus on tailor made yoga sequences to for individuals or groups to help you create an effective home yoga routine.

Happy practicing!

⁠X Irene

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