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Improve Employee Resilience in Your Business: 
Yoga and Mindfulness in the Workplace

Yoga and mindfulness in the workplace in Amsterdam or online

Our mission is to energise, inspire and reduce stress of employees by bringing corporate yoga and mindfulness to the workplace.

Everyone wants to feel energised at work.

We help employees learn how to be more resilient to stress by introducing Yoga and Mindfulness techniques at work.

Why Should Your Business Introduce Yoga and Mindfulness at Work?

Corporate Mindfulness and Yoga

The goal to increase the resilience of your employees within your business is top of mind for most employers. Many companies have started to introduce yoga and mindfulness in the workplace in order to address challenges around stress at work.


A heavy workload and lots of deadlines can lead to staff to feel stressed and exhausted. It can be difficult for employees to maintain high enough energy levels to perform at their best throughout the day.


Often if these issues aren't addressed in time, stress levels can build and result in a burnout.

A study done by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA), showed that 60% of employees in the Netherlands feel regularly or extremely stressed, compared to 50% in the entire EU.

In addition, 17% of employees in the Netherlands have experienced burnout symptoms in the last year. A percentage which is increasing significantly each year, and cost the health care approximately €34 million in one year alone.

Introducing corporate or business yoga and mindfulness techniques in the workplace can help staff become more resilient to stress.


Reducing stress and increasing energy levels can improve overall physical and mental well-being. Yoga and mindfulness at work can also be a fun team-building exercise.

What Business Yoga and Mindfulness Services Do We Offer?

Corporate Yoga, Mindfulness and Wellbein

Based on your needs, we offer yoga, mindfulness meditation, breathing and/or relaxation activities taught by our certified yoga and mindfulness teacher Irene.


These could be individual or regular classes, workshops and/or trainings.


Our sessions can take place virtually or on site at your company if based in Amsterdam. We can also organise sessions at other locations in Amsterdam such as yoga studios or conference rooms. 


We can be creative with the space and equipment. We'll think about using Zoom for virtual sessions, and meeting rooms or open spaces for live sessions.

Take a look below at some of the out-the-box corporate yoga options we offer and the type of sessions we've done in the past.

Team building yoga class Amsterdam

Online, in your Amsterdam Office or a Yoga Studio

Team Building Yoga Class

Get to know your colleagues in a new way through a fun, collaborative team building through a beginners yoga class.

chair yoga hip openers.jpg

Online or in your Amsterdam Office

Weekly Chair Yoga and Mindfulness Classes

Lunchbreak gentle chair yoga and mindfulness classes of 30 - 45 mins can be a great offering for employees to reduce stress and increase energy levels.

Corporate yoga and wellbeing event

Online, in your Amsterdam Office or another location of choice

Workshops and Trainings on Wellbeing and Resilience

Tailored interactive workshops and trainings that use yoga and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction techniques to improve employee wellbeing, resilience and stress levels.

Get in Touch for a Free Consultation Call and Quotation

Get in touch if you're interested in setting up weekly or one-off yoga, chair yoga and mindfulness classes, or arrange a workshop or conference on yoga, mindfulness and wellbeing.


We recommend to send us an email to our certified yoga and mindfulness teacher Irene via with your first ideas of what sort of yoga, mindfulness, and wellbeing services you'd like to introduce in your company. We'll set up a free consultation call to discuss further what will best suit your business, and from there can provide you with a quotation.

Note that we charge €150 per hour (exc. BTW) our services for companies, with a 10 % discount for non-profit organizations.


Depending on the service and location there may be additional charges for hiring costs of equipment like yoga mats, room hire and travel costs outside of Amsterdam. These charges will all be identified clearly in the quotation.

What Companies Say

—Christina Bianco, People Operations Specialist at Hubs

“We really enjoyed the team-building yoga class and liked the sense of calm you brought to the office. As a group of engineers it was quite new for many of us to try yoga. After the session we felt more relaxed and less worried."

Corporate yoga and mindfulness

—Aniek van Leeuwen, Marketing Manager at Hexagon

“Irene hosted a yoga/meditation class during our team meeting. She was very professional and has a calming presence. I liked was how she was able to use the chairs and space we had for the class (no yoga mats were needed). She also checked in with the group about what was possible and gave multiple options to make the class accesible for all. We enjoyed our time.”

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