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Yoga Challenge: Seven Days of Yoga at Home

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

This yoga challenge contains seven 10 – 20 minute sequences that you can use each day to develop a yoga practice at home.

This program is suitable for all levels—from beginner to intermediate—who would like to receive guidance during your home practice.

Each day is focused on a different area of the body or aspect of yoga, breathing and meditation. When practicing each day, you should find improvements in your flexibility, strength, balance and ability to relax.

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Why Should You Join This Yoga Challenge? And How Does it Work?

It takes 21 days to develop a new habit. A yoga challenge can be a fun way to help you create a new routine. Irene’s seven days of yoga program encourages you to find 10 – 20 minute each day to practice yoga.

We suggest that you aim towards doing one of the short practices each day. In case you miss a day, don’t get discouraged! Just continue again the next day.

Once you’ve completed the seven days of yoga, see if you can continue the yoga challenge for another two weeks. Practicing each of the sequence three times over a three-week period.

During the yoga challenge you can choose to be guided along via Irene’s YouTube videos of the seven days of yoga, or via the pictures of the poses in the yoga practice workbook.

After the three weeks we hope you feel inspired to continue with a daily yoga practice in the future.

Day One: Sun Salutations and Savasana

Day one is focused on a round of Sun Salutations to build flexibility and strength, as well as focus on linking movement with breath. Followed by a relaxation in Savasana, to help you relax, unwind and begin to practice meditation.

This short yoga practice will help you start to integrate yoga into your daily routine. If you have less than 15 minutes you can always practice still a few rounds of Sun Salutations, or simply skip ahead for a relaxation in Savasana!

Day Two: Standing Poses

Day two is focused on a series of eight standing poses to build flexibility, strength, and balance. We’ll be pausing for five deep and steady breaths in each pose.

These standing poses can be practiced alone as a complete practice. If you have more time you could choose to first start with a few Sun Salutations as practiced in day one, and then follow on with this sequence of standing poses.

Day Three: Forward Bends

Day three is focused on a series of half sun salutations and eight forward bends to help lengthen your hamstrings and open your hips. We’ll be pausing for five deep and steady breaths in each pose.

If you’re experiencing an intense stretch in your hamstrings, bend the knees a little to ease the sensation. Focus on keeping the front of the body long and belly engaged. While relaxing your head and neck.

Day Four: Shoulder Openers and Backbends

Day four is focused on shoulder openers and backbends to create space in the front of your body. You’ll be guided through a series of yoga poses focused on opening your shoulders to allow you to practice a series of backbends.

We’ll be using a chair for one of the poses, but if you don’t have one handy you can also use the arm of a sofa or table. Keep your belly firm throughout to protect your lower back. If you’re feeling unpleasant sensations in your back don’t go as deep into the poses.

Day Five: Twists

Day five is focused on twists to rotate your spine and release tension from your back. You’ll be guided through a series of yoga poses focused on twisting the body while still maintaining length through the spine and a steady breath.

It can be tempting in deeper twists to hold your breath. Therefore, bring extra focus in this practice to breathing deeply in and out of your nose. Keep using your inhale to lengthen through the spine, and exhale to perhaps twist a little deeper.

Day Six: Hip Openers

Day six is focused on hip openers. We’ll be working on opening the outer hip, hip flexors and inner thighs. You’ll be guided through a series of yoga poses focused on opening your hips. Allow your body to relax into the poses, focusing on releasing with every exhale.

During this practice you can let the body soften and relax. This will be particularly helpful if you’re feeling intense tightness in your hips, or generally a little stressed.

Day Seven: Gentle Yoga

Day seven is focused on gentle yoga and relaxation. Each pose can be held a bit longer. Allowing the body to relax into the pose, and body to slowly open. Focus on watching your breath throughout the practice. Gradually building concentration and focus, working towards a meditation practice.

After the other days of practice being more active, day seven invites the opposite. Allowing you to let go completely.

Three Tips for Success

Need a little extra help to get going with your seven days of yoga challenge? Try the following three tips to set you up for success.

(1) Practice a Little Bit Every Day

Commit to yourself to keep practicing a little bit daily. If you manage to practice at least 5 mins every day that’s fantastic! If it’s only 3 or 4 days a week, you’re still doing a great job and doing the hard work of developing a yoga practice routine.

(2) Encourage a Friend or Family Member to Join You

Why not encourage a friend or family member to do the yoga challenge with you? Even if you’re not able to practice in the same place it can be motivating to do something together. By simply telling a loved one about your intention to do the yoga challenge can help for you to feel more inspired to complete it.

(3) Find a Regular Time to Practice

Find a regular time of the day that suits your schedule to practice. Maybe you can get up 15 mins earlier to fit in your yoga. Or perhaps you’re able to find the time during your lunchbreak, after you finish work or even after dinner. By finding a period in your day that you can regularly do yoga will make it easier to continue with as a daily habit.

Good luck with your yoga home practice journey!

X Irene

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