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Beginners Yoga Program Amsterdam: Reach Your Goals for Practicing Yoga 

Dates: Sign up whenever you like

Time investment: 1, 3 or 6 month program

Location: Tula Yogastudios Amsterdam (Westerpark and Bos en Lommer)

"Yoga isn't about touching your toes; it is what you learn on the way down."


This beginners yoga program at Tula Yogastudios, Amsterdam is a great way to learn and perfect the fundamentals of yoga and receive personal guidance to help reach your intentions for practicing yoga. The beginners yoga program is designed for both those completely new to yoga, and those that have some experience with yoga and want to learn more about the basics.


Our Yoga and Mindfulness teacher Irene will guide you on how to progress in your yoga practice to meet your personal goals—whether you want to become more flexible, stronger, recover from an injury or reduce stress.


The program will include some theory but is mostly hands-on and practical. You'll receive personalized practice routines, guidance on how to approach the different yoga poses, breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation. As well as helping you choose the most appropriate yoga style(s) to suit your needs.

What is Included in the Beginners Yoga Program?

Private beginners course amsterdam

1 month | €97

1 Month Beginner Yoga Program

  • Personal intake

  • 1-month unlimited group yoga classes

  • Beginners workshop, 2 hours

  • 1 private class (60 mins) with a personalized practice sequence

  • Feedback and follow-up plan

Private lesson yoga

3 months | €347

3 Month Beginner Yoga Program

  • Personal intake

  • 3-month unlimited group yoga classes

  • Beginners workshop, 2 hours

  • 3 private classes (60 mins) with personalized practice sequences

  • Feedback and follow-up plan

private yoga lesson amsterdam

6 months | €637

6 Month Beginner Yoga Program

  • Personal intake

  • 6-month unlimited group yoga classes

  • Beginners workshop, 2 hours

  • 5 private classes (60 mins) with personalized practice sequences

  • Feedback and follow-up plan

Are you not based in Amsterdam and looking for an online based yoga beginners program?


Find out more about the online private yoga options we have available for beginners or more experienced yoga practitioners.

What Yoga Practitioners Say


I didn't know where to start and found this a helpful way to take my first step on yoga mat for a long time. The beginners program was a great and easy way to take the first step. I liked the personal touch. Thank you Irene!

Best private yoga classes in Amsterdam


I really enjoyed the personal one-on-one attention and practice handouts. I don't know of any other beginner programs that do that. I was guided to build a regular yoga practice that met my goals. And had Irene available to answer all my questions.

Corporate yoga and mindfulness


Irene is fantastic and has greatly helped me! Of all the yoga teachers I’ve had over the last 1.5 years, she is my favorite and I feel amazing afterward. She developed a series of moves based on my feedback and what would be best for my situation. It makes all the difference!

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