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Private Yoga and Mindfulness Classes Tailored to Your Needs

As a certified yoga and mindfulness teacher, I believe in an individual approach to yoga, breathing, and mindfulness. You might be new to yoga, suffering from an injury, or stress, or wanting to deepen your practice in a specific style of yoga or series of postures. 


By following personal and private yoga and mindfulness classes, you can have them tailored to your specific needs. This individual guidance and attention will get you more familiar with yoga and feel confident to practice in a group or home self-practice setting.

You can choose to follow these personal yoga classes online or face-to-face in Amsterdam.

What Benefits Will You Get From a Private Lesson?

Private and personal yoga, breathing, and mindfulness lessons are a great way to get receive a personalized approach to reach your own intentions and goals of practicing.

I will sequence your private yoga and mindfulness classes in order for you to achieve your personal motivations. You'll get the chance for direct and personalized feedback during the lessons, as well as support between classes.


Whether you choose to just follow just one class or a series—you'll receive a personalized practice sequence of what we practiced to use in your home practice. This practice sequence will include pictures and descriptions of the yoga poses, breathing exercises, and/or mindfulness meditation techniques that we covered.

I also offer group private classes if you're looking to connect and have fun with a group of friends, family, or colleagues. I have experience in teaching group classes for families, and friends celebrating events like birthdays or bachelorettes, sports teams, and team bonding activities for colleagues.

Read more in Irene's blog about the benefits of online private yoga classes.

How Is Your Yoga Class Tailored to Your Needs?

Home yoga practice

Based on your needs and motivation, I will teach you a personalized yoga, breathing, and/or mindfulness meditation sequence. It's up to you if you want to be guided through an entire yoga practice, or focus on specific poses or practices of interest.


If you're completely new to yoga we can focus on the fundamentals of yoga and help you feel confident to practice at home or in a group class. While if you have already been practicing for some time we can focus on learning a yoga sequence or your technique in specific groups of yoga postures. Personal yoga classes are also a great way to learn how to practice yoga with an injury.

You might also have an interest to become more flexible, stronger, or improve your balance. Or maybe you would like to have a yoga practice designed for you that supports other activities you do—like working behind a desk, running, cycling, or lifting weights.

I will then design a yoga practice for you to help achieve your interest in learning more about a specific style of yoga, work towards strength and flexibility goals, or support other aspects of your life like managing stress and anxiety. 

You can choose if you prefer to have a one off class or a series of weekly lessons. Irene also teaches a personalised four week yoga course for beginners online. This is great if you're beginning yoga and want a more structured individual approach.

Take a look below at some of the out-the-box private yoga options we offer and the type of sessions we've done in the past.

Get in touch if you would like to plan an introduction call with Irene to answer any questions you might have before making a booking.

What Private Class Options Can You Choose From?

Private beginners course amsterdam


1 free consultation session

5 classes x 60 mins | €350 per household

In Amsterdam

60 mins | €100 per class (includes studio room hire)

Private Yoga or Mindfulness Class, Online or in Amsterdam

A one off or series of classes can be organised for individuals or families in one household. Sessions take place via Zoom or at a yoga studio in Amsterdam at your chosen time and focused on your individual needs.

online group yoga class

Price on request | Around €150 + room hire 

Group Yoga or Mindfulness Class, Online or in Amsterdam

Online group classes offer the opportunity for you to practice together with a group of friends or family. One off or series of lessons can be held via Zoom or Skype. The price will depend on the size of the group, length of class and frequency.

private yoga lesson amsterdam

12 hours | €350 per individual

Personal 4-Week Yoga Course for Beginners Online

During this four-week course we will meet weekly for 90 minute classes focused on the most common yoga poses and supporting techniques of breathing and meditation. In between sessions you are given tailor made home practice sheets and guidance to practice for 30 mins three times a week. All lessons will take place on Zoom with email guidance in between sessions.

Get in Touch for a Free Consultation Call and Quotation

Get in touch if you're interested in setting up a series of personal yoga classes online, in person, or following our four-week private beginner's course.


Send Irene an email via with your first ideas of what sort of yoga and/or mindfulness lessons you'd like to follow. And if there is a specific focus point you'd like to work on. I will then set up a free consultation call to discuss further what will best suit your needs, and from there provide you with a quotation.


Depending on the service you have in mind there may be additional charges for hiring costs of external room hire. These charges will all be identified clearly in the quotation.

Learn More About Personalised Yoga

What Yoga Practitioners Say

Marcia Franzén

Irene held a private class for me and 16 friends, everyone at different levels of experience. Irene made the class suitable and pleasant for everyone, and all of us really enjoyed it! Irene is a really lovely, caring and patient instructor, and created an inspiring and enjoyable atmosphere for all of us!

Best private yoga classes in Amsterdam

Amazing yoga teacher. Irene brings a very special flow into her classes. It is so good that I do not want the class to end. With her special sparkle she is able to really keep me in the moment instead of my head spinning around.

Corporate yoga and mindfulness

Mirjam Raber


Irene is fantastic and has greatly helped me! I suffer from hip and lower back pain and finding yoga in general really helps. Of all the yoga teachers I’ve had over the last 1.5 years, she is my favorite and I feel amazing afterwards. I recently took a private lesson with her as I wanted to really understand what moves are the best for me and how to properly execute them so I can do the practice at home or when I’m travelling (if I cannot go into the studio). She was great and developed a series of moves based on my feedback and what would be best for my situation. Makes all the difference!

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