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How to Build Resilience: Mindfulness at Home and in the Workplace

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Knowing how to build resilience is an important skill for us to be able to navigate stressful situations that we might face both at home and in the workplace.

Mindfulness meditation can be a great tool for us to use to tune in on a deeper level to how we’re feeling physically, mentally and emotionally. Helping us to spot the signs of stress early on and adapt to be more resilient.

Want to get straight into a guided practice? You can practice along with Irene’s 10 Minute Mindfulness for Resilience YouTube video.

What Does Resilience Mean?

“Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.” – Oxford English Dictionary

Resilience isn’t about avoiding challenges and stress. But instead how we’re able to adapt, overcome setbacks and deal with them with a positive attitude.

How Mindfulness Helps with Stress

Mindfulness based stress reduction techniques are focused on using awareness tools such as meditation to notice how we feel in a particular moment.

By practicing mindfulness meditation practices like sitting and observing our breath we can become aware of how frequently our body, breath, thoughts and feelings can change over time.

This can be very helpful to catch early signs that we are feeling stressed and adapt our behavior to help mitigate this and become more resilient.

For example, if we are able to notice stress when it shows up as tension in our face and shoulders or a restricted breathing pattern we can learn to adapt our behavior and response before our stress levels become too high.

Resilience how to build

Mindfulness and Resilience Training: Tips for Practice

Like with all yoga, breathing, and mindfulness practices they require some consistent practice to get familiar with the techniques.

If you start with practicing a short mindfulness meditation regularly you’ll start to establish a deeper understanding of the technique and greater awareness to how you feel at a specific moment.

This will then help you understand better the signals your body is giving to you about stress and therefore be able to adapt quickly and build resilience.

I should add that just because you practice mindfulness meditation regularly it doesn’t mean that you won’t ever feel overwhelmed or stressed! I’ve been practicing mindfulness for 10 years and can still feel the signs of stress.

Mindfulness is just one additional tool you can have at your fingertips to help develop your resilience and manage your stress levels.

Happy practicing!

💛⁠ Irene


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