Free Video Tutorials for Yoga and Mindfulness Home Practice

Our yoga and mindfulness teacher Irene is happy to share with you free yoga and mindfulness full practice video tutorials on Antara Yoga's YouTube channel. As well as yoga alignment pose video tutorials and yoga lifestyle tips on Yoga Screen.  

You'll see that for our Antara Yoga YouTube channel we're still working towards our first 1000 subscribers. So if you like the tutorials and are able to support us by subscribing to the channel or liking a video it will really help us grow the channel and produce more new content.

What are the Benefits of Practicing Yoga Online at Home?

Practicing yoga and/or mindfulness online allows you to practice in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits your schedule. Taking away barriers like not finding enough time in your day to join classes or not being close enough to travel to a yoga studio.


If you are practicing Yoga you just need a mat and space in your house to put the mat, while for Mindfulness Meditation you can use an upright chair or cushion.


Setting aside a regular day and time for practice can be very helpful when you're beginning online practice at home to create a regular routine. If you can find a time when you won't be disturbed by friends, family and pets.


How Can You Start to Build a Home Practice?

There are a three different tools you can use to ensure you set yourself up for success with your home practice. These include our free yoga home practice workbook, our blog and video with tips on building your yoga practice at home and tip to follow some private classes to get your home practice off in the right direction.

(1) Free Yoga Home Practice Workbook

Our free yoga home practice workbook is a great place to start if you're looking for a structured way to build a yoga practice into your daily routine.

free yoga home practice workbook

Our yoga home practice workbook provides short 5 - 15 mins yoga sequences created.


The home practice workbook includes seven different sequences that you can use for your daily practice.


Guidance is also given on how to create a daily routine, and a 21 day practice calendar is provided to track your progress.


After you complete your 21 days you'll have created a new healthy habit, that will be easier to continue for the long term future.

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(2) Blog and Video on Building Your Yoga Practice at Home

You could also get some inspiration from Irene's blog and video below on building your yoga practice at home. Here we talk about the importance of making a commitment to practice regularly. How it can be useful to start slow using set sequences of yoga poses when you aren't sure what to practice. This will help you have a well-rounded practice.

Irene also talks about the importance of body awareness. And how some knowledge of alignment will help guide you in finding the right way for your body to move into different poses.

(3) Have Your Personal Yoga Practice Sequence Tailored to Your Needs and Goals with Private Yoga Classes

If you have a specific need or goal in mind to reach with your yoga practice, private yoga classes can be helpful. If you don't have the budget for regular private classes, there is still a lot you can get out of just one or two sessions!


Irene provides a detailed personalised practice sheet for all her private students. It looks similar to the one you can find in our free yoga home practice workbook. And includes the names, pictures and sequence that was developed for you and your needs in your private class. 

Visit our private yoga class page to find out more about the options for tailor made individual or group online private Yoga classes.