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At Antara Yoga we offer yoga and mindfulness classes and workshops to individuals, groups and businesses. Learn yoga and mindfulness—online and in Amsterdam—from our certified teacher Irene Lomer

Personalised Yoga and Mindfulness Private Classes
Yoga Beginner Workshops Amsterdam Online
Corporate Yoga and Mindfulness

Develop and refine your yoga and mindfulness practice through Irene's group classes and private classes. Each lesson is tailored to your individual needs, whether that's a focus on beginners yoga, learning a specific style like Ashtanga Vinyasa, or managing yoga with an injury.

Deep dive and learn more about yoga and mindfulness through our practical focused workshops and courses. We focus on topics like as beginners yoga, yoga technique and alignment, breathing and pranayama, and mindfulness meditation.

Help employees become more resilient to stress and mindful throughout their work day via yoga, mindfulness meditation, breathing and relaxation activities tailored for companies and organizations. Learn more about yoga and mindfulness in the workplace

Read Irene's yoga blog or watch our online yoga video tutorials to get familiar with our approach and teaching style.


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Irene Lomer Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher

Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher (500-RYT)

Founder of Antara Yoga


Marcia Franzén

Irene held a private class for me and 16 friends, everyone at different levels of experience. Irene made the class suitable and pleasant for everyone, and all of us really enjoyed it! Irene is a really lovely, caring and patient instructor, and created an inspiring and enjoyable atmosphere for all of us!

Best private yoga classes in Amsterdam

Amazing yoga teacher. Irene brings a very special flow into her classes. It is so good that I do not want the class to end. With her special sparkle she is able to really keep me in the moment instead of my head spinning around.

Corporate yoga and mindfulness

Mirjam Raber


Irene is fantastic and has greatly helped me! I suffer from hip and lower back pain and finding yoga in general really helps. Of all the yoga teachers I’ve had over the last 1.5 years, she is my favorite and I feel amazing afterwards. I recently took a private lesson with her as I wanted to really understand what moves are the best for me and how to properly execute them so I can do the practice at home or when I’m travelling (if I cannot go into the studio). She was great and developed a series of moves based on my feedback and what would be best for my situation. Makes all the difference!

Got Questions About Our Private Lessons, Workshops or Business Yoga?

Do reach out to us if you have any questions and are interested in learning and practicing authentic yoga and mindfulness via our private classes, workshops or business yoga.


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