Learn and Get Inspired with Our Yoga and Mindfulness Blogs

In a regular physical yoga and/or mindfulness practice the focus is on the physical practice rather than talking about the theory, philosophy and benefits of these traditional practices.


Our Yoga and Mindfulness teacher Irene does agree that as yoga and mindfulness practitioners, we should focus most of our time on doing the practices and observing the affects, rather than simply reading and thinking about them on a theoretical basis.

After all we spend so much of our time thinking about things. So one of the great benefits of yoga and mindfulness is that you move your attention away from your thinking mind, and towards your body and breath.

Having said this, it is still important to take some time to ponder, learn and understand more about the very broad topic of yoga, breathing and mindfulness.

The below blogs are a way Irene has tried to share her own thoughts, feelings and learnings about yoga and mindfulness. 


You'll find a variety of different blog topics related to yoga. Including tips and inspitation for those beginning yoga, alignment and technique of yoga poses, general thoughts about a modern day yogic lifestyle, how to integrate yoga into your business, mindfulness meditation, breathing and pranayama.


Is there a topic you're interested in learning more about that's not mentioned below? Let us know what topic you're interested in and we can consider it for a future blog topic


Enjoy reading and hope you keep getting inspired about yoga and mindfulness!