Yoga and Mindfulness in the Workplace

Our mission is to energise, inspire and reduce stress by bringing Yoga and Mindfulness to the workplace.

Everyone wants to feel energised at work. We help colleagues learn how to be resilient to stress by introducing Yoga and Mindfulness techniques at work.

Why Introduce Yoga and Mindfulness at Work?

A heavy workload and lots of deadlines can lead to staff to feel stressed and exhausted. It can be difficult for colleagues to maintain high enough energy levels to perform at their best throughout the day. Often if these issues aren't addressed in time, stress levels can build and result in a burnout.

Introducing Yoga and Mindfulness techniques in the workplace can help staff become more resilient to stress. Reducing stress and increasing energy levels can improve overall physical and mental wellbeing. Yoga and Mindfulness at work can also be a fun team building exercise.

What Services Do We Offer?

Based on your needs, we offer Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation, Breathing and / or Relaxation activities taught by our certified yoga teacher Irene. These could be individual or regular classes, workshops and / or trainings. Our sessions can take place virtually or on site at your company if based in Amsterdam. We can be creative with the space and equipment, think about using Zoom for virtual sessions, and meeting rooms or open spaces for live sessions. We can also organise sessions at other locations such as yoga studios or conference rooms. 

Past Activities and Clients

  • Weekly Yoga classes for staff on site (Unilever office, Rotterdam)

  • Weekly Mindfulness Meditation classes for staff on site and online (UTZ and Rainforest Alliance, Amsterdam and online via Zoom)

  • Half day workshops and four-week courses "Yoga for Busy Days" focused on resilience and stress reduction via Yoga and Mindfulness techniques at a yoga studio (Tula Yogastudios, Amsterdam)

  • Two day conference (including Yoga and interactive workshops) for globally spread team to improve working habits (Zeal, Hotel Conference Centre, Amsterdam)

  • Team building one off yoga class (Women Win, yoga studio, Amsterdam)

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