Corporate Yoga Blogs to Help Employees Be Resilient

Everyone wants to feel energised at work. At Antara Yoga we introduce corporate yoga and mindfulness in the workplace. Helping your employees feel more resilient and reduce stress. 


Want to find out more about how and what yoga and mindfulness activities can be helpful to introduce at work? Take a look at our below corporate yoga blogs, all written by our Yoga and Mindfulness teacher Irene.


These blogs are focused on providing insights on how and why companies and organizations should introduce yoga and mindfulness at work.


You can find out more about Irene's teaching style by watching some of our free yoga and mindfulness videos that are available on Antara Yoga's YouTube channel or Irene's yoga pose video tutorials on Yoga Screen.


Once you've decided that yoga and mindfulness could be helpful for your business reach out to us for a free consultation.

Why not set up weekly or one-off classes, or arrange a workshop or conference on yoga, mindfulness and well-being. We offer Yoga and Mindfulness in the workplace both online and in Amsterdam.  

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