Beginners Yoga Course to Reach Your Intentions for Practice 

Dates: Saturday 17 and 24 September 2022

Time: 15:00 - 17:30

Location: Tula Yogastudios Bos en Lommer

Investment: €55*,


* 20% members discount on regular price 

"Yoga isn't about touching your toes; it is what you learn on the way down."


This beginner’s yoga course is a great way to learn and perfect the fundamentals of yoga, as well as reach your intentions for practice. The course is designed for both those completely new to yoga, and those that have some experience with yoga and want to learn more about the basics.


Our Yoga and Mindfulness teacher Irene will guide you on how to progress in your yoga practice to meet your personal goals – whether you want to become more flexible, strong, recover from an injury and/or reduce stress.


The course will include some theory but mostly be hands-on and practical, with feedback on your form in the different yoga poses, and approach to the yoga techniques.

What Will You Learn in the Beginners Yoga Workshop?

The course is made up of two 2,5-hour sessions with time in between to practice and explore what you have learnt. It is built in a progressive way where it is necessary to attend the first session in order to join the second one.


To get the most out of the course it is recommended if you can find some time to practice yoga between the two sessions. By the end of this two-week course you will have the tools you need to get the most out of your yoga practice.

Session 1

During the first session we will cover all the essential parts you need to know about yoga to get started. Below you can find more details about what will be covered…

  • Introduction to yoga

  • Learn about the different styles of yoga and which might best suit you based on your motivation for starting yoga

  • Basic breathing techniques

  • Basic sun salutations

  • Basic standing poses

  • Basic backbends

  • Seated poses

  • Restorative poses

  • Lying relaxation bodyscan

  • Review of session 1 and plan for yoga practice before session 2


Session 2


  • Review of practice between session 1 and 2, Q&A

  • Building on basic breathing techniques

  • Sun salutations progressions and modifications

  • Principles standing poses and modifications

  • Principles of forward bends and modifications

  • Principles of backbends and modifications

  • Principles of twists and modifications

  • Principles of hip openers and modifications

  • Principles of restorative poses and modifications

  • Effects and approach of lying relaxation (savasana) and bodyscan

  • Review of session 2 and plan for future yoga practice




  • Handout of yoga styles (as used in the regular beginner yoga workshops)

  • Practice sheet of all yoga poses covered during the course

  • Online practice resource Yogascreen ( to use at home between sessions and focus on the technique of the most common yoga poses

  • Recommendation to join yoga classes at Tula Yogastudios between both sessions in a chosen or variety of styles